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Business and Commercial Solutions

Professional Liability & Indemnity

The ever-evolving legal and regulatory environment places enormous risk and complexity on organisations and their leadership in a manner that was unknown a mere half a century ago. To mitigate these risks we offer the following:

Broad form of public liability and products guarantee

Financial Institutions, bankers blanket bond and computer crime for financial institutions

Director’ and Officers’ liability, errors and omission and fidelity guarantee

Single projects, non-cancellable broad form of contracting liability and professional indemnity insurance for specific construction projects for the duration of the contract

Professional Indemnity Insurance that includes medical malpractice

Personal accident, contingency, medical insurance, managed commercial motor fleets and group personal accident

Top-up personal and commercial liability, liability for fare paying passengers and excess third party motor liability

Kheta offers thoroughly crafted products to meet the unique needs of your specific business.

Types of businesses covered by this product:

Travel agents

Estate agents

General office

Training center

Internet café

Body corporates

Trucks and Trailers

Taxi fleet

Fire ( Optional )

Covers your business property against loss and damage due to a wide scope of perils ranging from fire, lightning, earthquakes, storms and snow to charges for fire extinguishing at your business premises

Business Interruption

To place you back in the same position if you lose turnover/sales/revenue/income as a result of loss or damage to your business property.

Office Contents

Specific cover for the office furniture you keep inside your business premises.

Theft Optional

Ensures that your business goods will be covered against robberies and burglaries.


Protects you in the event of loss of or damage to your cash, cheques or even your safe.


Specific cover for the fixed glass at your business premises.

Electronic Equipment

Specific cover for the fixed glass at your business premises.

Portable Business Possessions (Optional)

Provides wider cover for business items that are regularly taken away from your insured premises.

Public Liability

Protects you if you are held legally responsible for injuries, death or damage to a third party.

Goods In Transit (Optional)

Cover for your business goods when being transported.

Motor (Optional)

Ensures protection of your vehicle/s against accidents, theft and many other incidents, depending on the type of cover you have selected.

Accounts Receivable

Compensates you if you cannot trace amounts owed to you because your financial records were lost or destroyed in an incident covered under the fire section of your policy.

Fidelity Guarantee

Protects you against losses suffered due to fraud by employees.

Personal Accident

Provides insured owners and shareholders with cover for death, disablement and medical expenses after an accident.

Employers Liability (Optional)

Protects you if you are held legally responsible for injuries, death or illness suffered by an employee.

Accidental Damage

A unique extension to cover your business goods against accidental loss and damage. These incidents are not insurable under any other policy section.