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Individual Solutions

Car Insurance

Considered a grudge purchase, premiums towards short-term insurance is a real expense in many households across South Africa. It therefore is critical to be adequately insured and thus the need to steer the conversation away from being wholly about the quantum of the premiums – the prime question must be whether the insurance solution will perform should the insured contingency arise?

The prevalence of car crashes and car hijackings on the South African roads rank among the worst globally as reported by numerous research findings thus rendering it unaffordable to absorb this risk on most individual’s balance sheets. Many South Africans are compelled to outsource this risk to registered underwriters, to this end Kheta offers the following vehicles covers:

Comprehensive Cover ( Accident Cover, Third Party, Fire and Theft)

Third party, fire and theft

Third party only

Household Contents

Annual Reports released by Statistics South Africa indicate that house burglary remains a concern across South Africa and many residents will not be a position to replace their household contents should they suffer a house break-in. in this regard we offer insurance cover for general items and as our client you are given an option to list the items you wish to have covered like:

Mobile phones




Building Cover

Building Insurance is crafted to cover accidental loss or damage to the physical structure of your property that may result from fire or other such unforeseen occurrences. Our partners also cover against geyser burst thereby replacing your geyser and painting your building.